Monday, 17 August 2009

Social Networking & Chainmaille Day

I started out today to make some decisions on the designs I have in mind for two of my latest beads, but ended up with more questions than answers. These led me to the site of Jim Mackintosh to look into his Wiresmithing creations. I think that might be the solution I need to create one of my designs. The other one is going to need more thought or be made in Fine Silver so I can use Fusing. So nothing to show you as yet.

That led me onto my BlogSpot and Plurk pages to check out what other people were saying about wire techniques. I have to confess that I’m not finding Plurk easy to master, but I’ll keep at it.

Spotting a name I recognised on Plurk reminded me that I hadn’t been on the Starving Jewelry Artists forum since the July competition had ended, so I dashed over there to congratulate the winner. Then I had a look around and was shocked to see that I hadn’t posted on the Welcome board for almost a calendar month!

A couple of postings later I decided that I needed to regulate my online activity so that there was more time for designing and making my jewellery. Although it might seem daft, I started up another blog so that I could keep track of what I am doing towards East Of Eden Gems and get myself into some sort of routine.

This led me to a post on Twitter and of course I had to join. To be honest I wasn’t in the mood for working out how to use another networking site. So I did a couple of ‘what I’m doing now’ posts and moved on to a project I’d been planning for some time.

Last year I bought a whole load of enamelled copper jump rings in several colours and my daughter has tried out a Byzantine tutorial in Fuscia and Black. It’s very pretty, but looks a bit fragile, so I’m thinking that I need to get some thicker jump rings in order to achieve what I want. I’ve also had to spend time drawing the links to get them to stay in design, but we’re getting there. It’s certainly worth the effort getting organised well before you start and practising to get your speed up on chainmaille in my opinion.

I finished off the day with checking out who was following me on Twitter and leaving them a message. Then I got side-tracked by Stephen Fry on there and I knew it was time to turn off or I’d never get to watch House on Sky, my one Sunday weakness.

All in all, a very productive Sunday. Not a day of rest as I’d planned, but just as satisfying nonetheless.